You’ve finished your book! Congratulations! Now it’s time to have it edited and proofread. No matter how well you write, it is wise to have someone else look over your work. Here are some reasons why.

Don’t let the high cost of editing and proofreading keep you from taking advantage of this valuable step in the publishing process. You don’t want your book circulated around the world with errors in it!  It will reflect badly on you.

I understand that you probably don’t have thousands of dollars set aside to pay for an editor, particularly if you are a first-time author. No worries! I will work with you on cost, hence you get a customized quote! If this isn’t your first foray into writing, you get a customized quote too!


Two types of editing available:

1. Basic editing and proofreading. Simple. Your manuscript is read to make corrections to grammar, verb tense, subject/verb agreement, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

2. Content editing/developmental editing.  More work here. Your manuscript is read and basic editing and proofreading is done. In addition, I edit content for overall quality, for readability, for logical flow of thoughts and paragraphs and for gaps in information and inconsistent information. Content editing also includes suggestions for improving quality of your manuscript.  All this is done without changing your voice. After all, it’s your book! If requested, I can add a copyright page, page numbering, and headers.

Additional Services:

1. Formatting

Yes, I can format your manuscript for publication. I will help you decide what size (5×8; 6×9, etc.) is best for your book. I can also format your footnotes and endnotes.

2. Self-Publishng Coaching

Never self-published a book before? No problem! I will coach you the through the process so you feel like a pro.

Tools I use:

1. For general manuscripts, I use the Chicago Manual of Style, Strunk & White Elements of Style, Roget’s Thesaurus and Webster’s Dictionary.

2. For Christian faith-based manuscripts, I use the above tools plus the Christian Manual of Style to make sure scripture and other religious materials are cited correctly.

Flat rates* and payment plans are available.

Accepting Zelle, CashApp, Money Orders and Paypal

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is provided if desired.

For more information, Contact Me.

*A cursory review of your manuscript (five pages) is required before a flat rate can be negotiated.

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